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Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

i would by a ticket to japan.

I Have Been Swayed to the Dark Side

one of my friends loves korean music and she's always trying to get me to listen. everyone knows im a japanese music type of person. but all it took was for me to get bored. and her planting the whole shinee/suju thing in my brain. so now im listening to damn super junior. although i do have to admit that shinee's lucifer pv was the shit.

OH MY FUDGIN GACKT im being swayed to listen to korean music. may sagi and kamijo have mercy on my poor little fan girl soul.


alice nine. and the gazette on itunes

bought time they get them on their. all we need now is screw and megamasso to join them.

d's new release :3

i can't wait to see their new look for the pv.


man i just saw tmr new pv for naked arms and it rocked. i've been waiting a while for him to release something new :3